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There is established committee known as the Committee of Powers and Privileges consisting of the Speaker, who shall be the chairperson of the Committee; and such other members of the county assembly as may be provided in the Standing Orders of the county assembly. The functions of the Committee of Powers and Privileges shall be to inquire into the conduct of a member whose conduct is alleged to constitute a breach of privileges accorded to the county assembly members by any legislation or standing orders and perform such other functions as may be specified by enabling legislation.

  1. Hon. Vincent Kemboi -Chair
  2. Hon. Lawi Tallam - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Daniel Tuwit 
  4. Hon. Ernest Kibet
  5. Hon. Maria Losile
  6. Hon. Robert Kipsang
  7. Hon. Juliah Kumbelel
  8. Hon. Josphat Lokorio
  9. Hon. Sharon Keter

The committee provides guidance for the operations, policies and mandates of all Committees; deliberate on and apportion the annual operating budget among the Committees; consider the programmes of all Committees, including their need to travel and sit away from the precincts of County Assembly; ensure that Committees submit reports as required by the Standing Orders; determine, whenever necessary, the Committee or Committees to deliberate on any matter; and consider reports of Committees that have not been deliberated by the House and shall report to the House on the consideration of such reports. 


1. Hon. Kipruto Kimosop- Chairperson

2. Hon. Vincent Kemboi -Speaker

3. Hon. Mark Sialo 

4. Hon. Robert Cheruiyot Kiplagat 

5. Hon. Shadrack Mailuk

6. Hon. Ernest Kibet

7. Hon. Lawi Kipchumba

8. Hon. Alex Kiprono

9. Hon. Nixon Lemlem

10. Hon. Josphat Lokorio

11. Hon. Purity Tallam

12. Hon. Benjamin Koech

13. Hon. David Sitoi

14. Hon. Robert Kiplagat Kipsang

15. Hon. Michael Chebon

16. Hon. Ayub Kibet

17. Hon. Jacob Cheboiwo

18. Hon. Solomon Kariuki Kuria

19. Hon. Kennedy Kiprono

20. Hon. Jeruto Kiptalla

21. Hon. John Aengwo

The Committee comprises of the Speaker as Chairperson, Chairperson of Committees, Members of the Speakers Panel and not more than five other Members. The Procedure and House Rules Committee provides guidance in relation to consideration and reporting on all matters relating to the Standing Orders. It may propose amendments to the Standing Orders. 


  1. Hon. Hon. Vincent Kemboi - Chair
  2. Hon. Nicholas Kimosop - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. John Tarus
  4. Hon. Mark Sialo
  5. Hon. Nixon Lemlem
  6. Hon. Sam Lourien
  7. Hon. Linah Chebet
  8. Hon. Mirriam Katurkan
  9. Hon. Jacob Cheboiwo

The committee provides guidance for all matters related to statutory instrument submitted to the House pursuant to the Constitution, any law or Baringo County Assembly Standing Orders. 


  1. Hon. Shadrack Mailuk- Chair
  2. Hon. Repher Chirchir - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Nixon Lemlem
  4. Hon. Jane Cherop
  5. Hon. Mark Sialo
  6. Hon. David Sitoi
  7. Hon. Sharon Keter

The committee was formed to scrutinise the resolutions of the House (including adopted Committee reports), Petitions and the undertakings given by the County Executive Committee and examine.


  1. Hon. Robert Cheruiyot Kiplagat - Chair
  2. Hon. Seuri Evans Kipyegon - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Juliah Kumbelel 
  4. Hon. Loice Jepkorir Kipseba
  5. Hon. Juliius Kimutai Ngotie
  6. Hon. Diana Siriti
  7. Hon. Paul Lolgisoi

The Budget and Appropriations Committee provides guidance in the budgetary process. Main functions include; investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the County budget; discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the House;  examine  the  County  Fiscal  Strategy  Paper presented to the House; examine Bills related to the County budget, including Appropriations Bills; and, evaluate    tax    estimates,    economic    and budgetary  policies  and  programmes  with direct budget outlays.

It is charged with the budget making process and ensuring that there is public participation in the budget process. 


  1. Hon. Ernest Kibet Tarus - Chair
  2. Hon. Symon Kimuge Kiplagat - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Benjamin Koech 
  4. Hon. Purity Tallam
  5. Hon. Lawi Kipchumba Tallam
  6. Hon. Alex Kiprono Kurui
  7. Hon. Sam Lourien Limo
  8. Hon. Maria Losile
  9. Hon. Tuwit Loreria Daniel
  10. Hon. Kiipruto Kimosop

The committee was formed to provide oversight on the County’s finances. It’s main functions; Examination of the accounts showing the appropriations of the sum voted by the House to meet the public expenditure and of such other accounts laid before the House as the committee may think fit and; examination of the working of the public investments. The committee held quarterly mandatory meetings during the year.


  1. Hon. Mark Sialo - Chair
  2. Hon. Clement Lomaringoria - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Ayub Keitany
  4. Hon. Kennedy Kiprono
  5. Hon. Loice Kipseba
  6. Hon. Makal Loluka Solomon
  7. Hon. Linah Sote

The committee provides guidance for consideration, for approval by the House, all appointments under Article 179 (2) of the Constitution.


  1. Hon. Vincent Kemboi - Chair
  2. Hon. Kipruto Kimosop - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Lawi Kipchumba Tallam
  4. Hon. Daniel Tuwit
  5. Hon. Josphat Lokorio
  7. Hon. Shadrack Mailuk
  8. Hon. Ayub Kibet
  9. Hon. Jane Cherop
  10. Hon. Venaline Jerop

The Committee on Selection provides guidance for nominating Members to serve in Committees, save for the membership of the House Business Committee and Committee on Appointments.


  1. Hon. Lawi Tallam - Chair
  2. Hon. Ernest Tarus - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Benjamin Koech 
  4. Hon. Purity Tallam 
  5. Hon. Josphat Lokorio
  6. Hon. Robert Kiplagat Cheruiyot
  7. Hon. Daniel Tuwit
  8. Hon. Sam Lourien
  9. Hon. Maria Losile

The committee provides guidance such as prepare and, if necessary, from time to time adjust the County Assembly calendar with the approval of the House; monitor and oversee the implementation of the House business and programmes; implement the Standing Orders respecting the scheduling or programming of the business of the House and the functioning of the Committees of the House; determine the order in which the reports of Committees shall be debated in the House; 


  1. Hon. Vincent Kemboi -Chair
  2. Hon. Lawi Tallam - Vice Chair
  3. Hon. Kipruto Kimosop
  4. Hon. Ernest Tarus
  5. Hon. Maria Losile 
  6. Hon. Jeruto Kiptalla 
  7. Ho. Julius Ng'otie
  8. Hon. Josphat Lokorio
  9. Hon. Jacob Cheboiwo
  10. Hon. Benjamin Koech
  11. Hon. Purity Tallam 
  12. Hon. Daniel Tuwit
  13. Hon. Diana Siriti
  14. Hon. Wesley Lekakimon
  15. Hon. Clement Lomaring'oria

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